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Newbie post...

I have been working in 3rd party collections for over 3 1/2 years now. I've been a supervisor with a crew of 10-25 collectors for the last 1 1/2 years. I've heard just about everything but today I had a call that really took the cake.

My crew collects on a national bank's 3rd party overdraft check accounts. I have been working this particular account for a while to no avail. The debtor claimed that they disputed the balance and so wanted itemized statements. After getting statements I typically call the debtor before mailing it out to offer them a last chance to make arrangments. My policy is that if the balance is validated with proof from the client then the balance in full is due. I figure if they're going to make me go crawling to the client to prove their balance then they had better be damned ready to pay it off.

I called this debtor today to inform him that I had received his statements. Early on in the call he claims again that he is disputing the balance. I had the pleasure of detailing for him exactly how he had attempted to defraud the bank. For a period of two months this debtor had been making fraudulent deposits to the bank and spending the money before the bank caught on. It's a faily standard grift and no creative in the least. His only reply to these very serious allegations was simply this:

"Well, I was unemployed for three months."

I hate people.
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