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Well, I've never posted here before but I am very glad I found this wonderful place for me to bitch. 
A little background on my place of employment: 
I work an oil and gas environmental servicing company in Canada.  Basically we do clean up for well sites and other environmentally hazardous disasters that happen across Canada.  I work in a smaller department of a larger company  that in turn is owned by a large drilling company.  I am the only one who does collections for this division.  I've been here for about 4 months so the lady before me has obviously left the collections in a mess.  My 120+ is like 40% of total outstanding.
So here is my customer WTF?
I have been trying to collect from this O&G company for 3 months.  Her invoice is well over 120 days but its not like we can just cut off the company sice its a fairly large O&G Company as well.   Every month the lady in A/P has given me some run around how she can't find it and needs me to fax it , needs more info or will get back to me when she contacts the person who is supposed to be approving it for payment.  After faxing and refaxing the "lost" invoice to her several times and never getting a call backl, I have decided that I obviously have to be her mother and follow up with her every 48 hours to make sure its getting somewhere.   This month I have been leaving messages every second day and she now has just stopped returning my calls.   I FINALLY get a hold of her and she says, "Hold on, I just have to bring up the account."  I say that's fine so she puts me on hold.  I then suddenly realize that she has tranferred me to someone I have never heard of in her company and this guy does something, as far as i know, that has nothing to do with what I am collecting.  So I leave a message on this guys voicemail incase he has ANY IDEA wtf I am talking about.  After I hang up all confused I called this lady back to bascially ask her what happened and...I get her voicemail.  So I leave a message for her.  She never calls back.  I have called her six times in the last two days and still, no response.
Who does that?  You can't just forward unsuspecting collectors to some guy in your company and not explain what is going on!!  WTF?
SO FRUSTRATING!!!11!!!!!oneone!!1

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